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Horse Rescued From Drainage Pipe

HACIENDA HEIGHTS - County firefighters received a call shortly after 6PM from a bicyclist reporting a horse trapped 3-foot concrete pipe in Turnbull Canyon. It is puzzling to the rescuers how the horse got stuck inside the pipe, which had only 3 feet of vertical clearance and was in a 5-foot-deep drainage ditch. The cyclist calmed the horse until rescuers arrived, then stood nearby and watched until the rescue was completed. LA County USAR Firefighters placed a harness around the animal and used mats, a sled and a winch to pull it out of the culvert. The rescue operation shut down Turnbull Canyon Road for about 2 hours. The horse suffered some cuts, scrapes and bruises, but was not seriously injured. The 18 minute videotape shows the horse in the pipe, the bicyclist calming the animal and arriving Firefighters rigging the harness and pulling the horse out of the culvert. Also included is a sound bite from a LA County Fire Battalion Chief and the cyclist who found the horse and notified authorities.questrian rescue, man with cell phone saves horse. Pony in a pipe

Horse In A Pipe #04-033
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Bulls On The Run #01-013
Escaped Cow Captured At McDonalds
INDUSTRY Two cows darted for freedom from a City of Industry livestock auction and lead Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies on a slow speed chase across several miles of the San Gabriel Valley. After escaping from a holding pen the 2 bovine split up and this cow headed first north then east along some railroad tracks and then Valley Blvd until he was finally cornered and captured at a McDonalds Drive-thru restaurant in West Covina. The owner then has to convince the authorities not to take her animal into custody. The footage picks up the chase and several failed capture attempts until the successful roping at the menu board. The clip also has sound bites from a LA Co Sheriff Deputy and two of the wranglers. TRT 15:00

Bears On The Loose
DUARTE - 2 Bears wandered down from the Angeles National Forest and roamed through this rural residential neighborhood for several hours. Footage shows bear running thru yards and over fences, Sheriff Deputies and Game Wardens searching while neighbors gather to watch. Also included are sound bites from residents and a Fish and Game official. TRT 8 minutes

Duarte Bears #01-020
Car In A Crystal Store #02-001
Car Crashes Into Crystal Shop
INDUSTRY - A driver apparently blacked out, hit three other cars and crashed into a store selling crystal chandeliers and lamps. Two people suffered minor injuries in the collision that caused $50,000 to $100,000 in damages to the store. The driver, who got out unscathed said he lost consciousness before hitting the Honda, which was driven by his girlfriend. The Honda was pushed out of the way. The Dodge then hit two parked cars and then plowed into the store. The video includes the damaged automobiles and the store showroom. Also included are sound bites in English and Spanish by a LA County Sheriff Deputy

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